MYP- Leadership Program

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Mark Your Presence was founded on the idea that we can create more change in our country if we work together. We are a non- profit and non -partisan organisation which is working with the support of the Election bodies of  Maharashtra.
           Our mission is to reach out to the youth of our country and make them aware about the democratic process and the importance of participating in it. We believe that its important to make the citizens who are under 18 years of age aware, as they will be the future voters of our country.
           We also enrol all the citizens who are above the age of 18 so that they can actively participate in the elections to come. We understand that the power of the youth is not only important but also vital in shaping the course of any democracy and therefore having educated, political aware voter’s is crucial for our democracy.
          The Mark Your Presence leadership initiative is a six month intensive program for university students who are keen to build a stronger Democracy with educated voters. The program is designed to deliver core skills in public leadership along with the experience of working with an organisation that works towards making every institution in the country a voter-friendly campus.
Want to be part of the team ? 
Tell us YOUR story. Tell us what you’re passionate about, HOW you’ve been a strong leader in the past, and what you’re going to do to bring change to your community. We want to SEE your dedicated commitment to build a stronger democracy with educated voters.
 Here’s how to set yourself apart:
Let your passion shine
We care much less about your credentials than we do about your passion. We want to know that you’re so dedicated to our mission that you would regret it if you missed out on this opportunity.
Got an interesting launch plan? Share it with us. Thought of a cool idea to get people engaged? Don’t be shy. We want to hear from you.
If you don’t take the time to fill out the application form carefully, your application will immediately go in the bin! Taking the time to submit your application shows that you care. Be thoughtful, careful, and intentional.
Please submit, your story on the given details
6 months
Convincing young individuals to register to vote.
Register young individuals and convert them into educated voters.
30 New Registrations per month.
Letter of recommendations
Student with the most innovative way of registering voters  will be offered a position in the Mark Your Presence Team.
Need help with the application?
Here are some points.
1)What social  issues are you most passionate about?
2)List your top 3 relevant experiences connected to leadership, civic engagement, voting rights, and/or nonprofit work.
3)Tell us about your experience in the first election after you were eligibles to vote.
4)Tell us what you’re looking forward to when you vote for the first time.