About Us

Mark Your Presence was founded on the idea that we can create more change in our country if we work together. We are a non- profit and non -partisan organisation. Our Aim is to create a positive change by reaching out to the youth and every citizen of the country on relevant issues that we are negligent about.

Our Campaign

“Run to register”

We believe that the youth of our country is the most important tool in a democratic set up to bring about a positive change. When young voters come out and vote in large numbers it would naturally result in enhancing the quality of elected representatives, which in turn is likely to bring positive changes in the governance.

The Indian democracy would prove to be grossly in effective if the youth don’t actively participate in all its manifestation. The daily discourse on democracy will be strengthening through effective participation of the youth. Hence the votes of the youth would most definitely be the bedrock of a New India and emerging India.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out to the youth of our country and enroll all the citizens above the age of 18 so that they can actively participate in the 2019 election and in the election in years to come. The power of the youth is not only important but also vital in shaping the course of any democracy. More than 50 per cent of India’s population is below the age of 25, and more than 65 percent are below the age of 35. Given that democracy is the will of the majority, and the majority of India’s population is nearly 800 million out of which approximately 400 million voters comprise of the youth of our country. Harnessing these young citizens of our county to participate in democratic processes and contribute positively for the development of the Country is an essential requirement.

We would like to urge the youth to exercise their statutory/legal right. These rights are not only bestowed upon us by our constitution but also are also mentioned in Article 326. These young citizens have inherited the length and breath of our great country, the mountains, the plains, the rivers, the ravines, the coast, the sea, the ghats and the ocean and it is they who will carry the burden of the problems faced by our county and find effective solutions to overcome these problems. We would like to make them aware and understand the value or their Statutory Right and use it as an effective instrument to bring about positive change.

The task is not a long and tedious one, all it requires is a duly filled form with a photograph of yourself along with government identification as proof of your residence to be submitted during the process of enrollment.

Our appeal to all those who have not enrolled for their voting right to do so immediately and celebrate the festival of democracy. The nation beckons you. You own it to our country, let us together build a stronger India and to start with right earnest, let us vote.