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”The goal is simple here, to be the best in what I do. Then the competition will feel like another day at practice.”

Siddhanth Thingalaya is an athlete who has been born and brought up in Mumbai. He holds the national record in the 110 metre hurdles event and  in that category He came into lime light when he broke the national record in 110 m hurdles with a time of 13.48 seconds, set at Altis Invitational Meet, USA in June 2017. He also  broke the indoor national 60m hurdles record twice in two American meets in Seattle and Arizona improving it to 7.80s.

Siddhanth is working towards his race to the Olympics. He wants to work on every part of himself till he gets it right, he is all set to work till he gets it right this season. If he does indeed qualify for the event, he will be the first Indian in 56 years to complete in 110m hurdles event.

Getting to know Siddhanth with Chaitanya

Why and when did you start ?

Sports is something that I have liked since the beginning, I used to play other sports like badminton and football .I have represented my Schools in these sports too. My transition to the track happened when I competed at a local event and I won. I realised that, I can get good at track, I made that move at age 12 and decision to take up hurdles was when I was 15 years old.

How do you feel when you are on the track ?

I feel sharp and ready.

Who is your inspiration?

When I was younger it was Sachin Tendulkar, my initials are the same and both of us are from Mumbai. With respect to Hurdles,I am a fan of liu xiang, dayron Robles. I get inspired by many sportsman from other sports as well, I feel there is a lot to learn from every athlete.

Did friends and family support you ?

Everyone’s been supportive as sport supports an individual to get better in life, become more disciplined, laser sharp focus and makes you ready to accept challenges.

What were the struggles faced?

They were many struggles that I faced  while growing up and learning hurdles. There have been injuries that has led to a bad season and to fix that a lot of work was put in. Rectifying minute mistakes takes time so I would say there were struggles but these were healthy ones as I have always learned from it and progressed further.

Should athletes get reservation for Education?

Athletes do put in a lot of hard work to represent their country, out of a billion population there are very few who can make it to the team and it is not easy at all. Everyone who makes it to the team is a Champion and they have earned their position. So yes athletes should get reservations for Education on his or her merits.

What do you think about viewership in our sport?

Viewership in track is changing, the cameras have gotten better, the quality of video we have for track today is way better than what we had before and it’s getting better with every season.

Khelo India is on Television for everyone to watch and it  encourages upcoming athletes to take up sports. I believe we are on the right track towards maximum viewership.

How do think India can get an Olympic medal ?

If you become a master in your sport you will definitely  win an Olympic medal. We have the names like Sushil Kumar, Neeraj Chopra, P V Sindhu and many others they are the young masters of India. The goal is simple here, to be the best in what I do. Then the competition will feel like another day at practice.

Your message to all the athletes ?

This is for athletes who genuinely are demotivated right now thinking they have limited resources or no access to good coaches . Our teachings should be pertaining to the “Atman” not a practice or a test of living, but rather the experience of being. 

That is as advanced and simple a teaching can be. We just don’t have access to their methods of teaching, so, we got to figure it out. I am figuring it out too so I am in it with you as well

What do you think about coaches and facilities in India as compared to other countries?

The facilities in India are better than what it was before. AFI has set up educational programs for coaches, who want to learn from our international body. We have our former athletes helping the younger Athletes. The results have been great, It’s time for us to shine.

What are the things India should do to level up to the best sporting countries?

 India is already doing great in promoting sports. We recently had the biggest stadium in the world inaugurated in India. Having an Olympic medallist as a sports minister greatly helped to conceive the ideal of Khelo India which is a great  initiative. Indian sports Ministry has a project to be in the top ten rankings in the world for the Olympics by 2028 so we are heading in the right direction.

What do you think about voting ? 

Voting is necessary, I always vote. Everyone should vote

Chaitanya Prabhu

National level Athlete


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